NWCR Centre – University of Liverpool

In March 2014 North West Cancer Research (NWCR) and University of Liverpool formed a new and exciting partnership to help fund cancer research projects here in Liverpool. To be known as the ‘NWCR Centre – University of Liverpool’, the new partnership will build on the existing facilities and strong collaborations within the University, and act as a hub for researchers working in a range of disciplines in the cancer field. This new relationship will enable the Centre to fund students, sponsor research and continue cancer information events and activities for the public.

North West Cancer Research is an independent charity which, since its inception in 1948, has funded in excess of £28m of cancer research projects in the North West of England and Wales. In its last funding round NWCR awarded more than £1million grants to researchers based at Liverpool, Lancaster and Bangor Universities..

The City of Liverpool with the surrounding Merseyside and Cheshire areas have the highest cancer mortality in the UK, particularly lung, head and neck, breast and gynaecological cancers. Developing strategies for earlier detection and improved treatments of these (and other) cancers will be one of the main goals of the new partnership.

The Centre will be directed by University pathologist Professor Sarah Coupland aided by a team of world-class scientists and the dedicated team at North West Cancer Research.

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For enquiries about the North West Cancer Research Centre, or the charity itself please contact:

General Enquiries:

Dawn Roberts dawnr@liverpool.ac.uk (0)151 706 4494

Outreach and Fundraising:

Emma Squibb emma@nwcr.org (0)151 709 2919