Find material in the Library

This page tells you how to get the most out of the Library Catalogue and find what you need.

Using the Library Catalogue

The Library Catalogue is a complete record of the books, periodicals, electronic journals, e-books, databases and other materials held in the University Library. It also contains material from the School of Tropical Medicine's Donald Mason Library.

Accessing the Catalogue

The Library Catalogue can be accessed as follows:

How to search the Catalogue

For help with search options and limiting, sorting and exporting your results, please see How to search the Library Catalogue.

Saving your searches

When you are logged-in to Your Library Record and you search the catalogue (starting with the search box at the top of 'Your Library Record') you can save your search to run again later. Click on the Save Search for Future Use button. Searches you have saved are shown when you click on the Saved Searches button. There is a limit to the number of searches you can save. The button Save Search for Future Use does not appear on your search screen if you have reached the limit.

If you want to save a new search and you have reached the limit of saved searches, you will need to Mark to Remove one or more of your existing searches. Click on Update to complete the removal of marked search(es).

To run your search again at any time click on the Search link in the Search box.

'New books in the Library' alerts

If you'd like the search to be run automatically for you once a week to find new items added to the Library matching your search, tick the 'Mark for Email' box and click on 'Update'. The search will be run for you early on Monday mornings and the results will be emailed to you.

Saving your Borrowing History

'Your Library Record' will keep your borrowing history for you IF you choose to 'Opt In'. Click on Borrowing History and then on Opt In. From then onwards anything you borrow from the Library will appear in a list when you click on Borrowing History.

Only you can see what is listed in your Borrowing History. Neither Library staff nor anyone else will see the history of what you have borrowed. You alone see it when you log in to 'Your Library Record'. Library staff only know what you have on loan at the present time.

You can delete individual items from your Borrowing History by marking them in the Mark box and clicking on the Delete Marked Items button.

You can Opt Out of having your borrowing history kept by clicking on Delete Entire History and then clicking on Opt Out. Now, your borrowing history is deleted. There is no way of getting it back again! It will help us if you Delete your Entire History before you leave the University.

Where to find books, journals or other items in the Library

When you have found the item you want on the catalogue, you need to note both the location and the class number.

You will also need to note whether the item is in a specific collection - e.g. the Offprint Collection, and any other information included on the catalogue record. Some items such as electronic journals and e-books are only available on the Network.

Check the Find Items in the Library page in order to find where an item is kept in the Library.

What if I can’t find things?

Sometimes an item may already be on loan to someone, it may be missing, or it may simply be not where you expected to find it on the shelves. Find out how to use the Reservation Service, locate recently-returned books and journals and use the Missing Items Search Service.

How to renew what you have borrowed

You can renew your books at a Catalogue point within the Library or from anywhere online via My Library Record.

Items cannot be renewed if they have been requested by another user.