About us

‌‌Molecular Biophysics is an interdisciplinary area of research that combines chemistry, physics and mathematics in the study of the structure and function of biological molecules.

We are engaged in structural biology research utilising all of the X-ray techniques; protein crystallography, small angle scattering and XAS (X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy), neutron scattering, numerous biophysical methods (including EPR [Electron Paramagnetic Resonance] and single crystal spectroscopies) and computational approaches (molecular dynamics).

Our research interests include drug design, transport and metabolism as well as the study of molecules and complexes involved in neurodegenerative diseases, tuberculosis, malaria, drug metabolism, NO-signalling and the nitrogen cycle. We are also engaged in method developments including use of combined methods (structural and spectroscopic), sulphur phasing, X-ray radiolysis, limiting radiation damage, and coherent diffractive imaging and damage free crystallographic structures using advanced synchrotron and X-ray free electron lasers.

Molecular Biophysics group stood by entrance to Life Science building December 2014